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Mona-Clean Mastersolve

Mona-Clean Mastersolve
Mona-Clean Mastersolve Mona-Clean Mastersolve
General Purpose Cleaner
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Mona-Clean Mastersolve is a specially formulated, water soluble degeaser designed to effectively remove stains and general grime from pre-fabricated building and other hard surfaces on un-coated and painted surfaces.

For use on exterior roofs, facades, floors landscaping products and internally on floors:

  • Brickwork
  • Concrete, Block paving
  • Concrete Flagstones
  • Concrete roof tiles
  • Natural Stone paving flagstone
  • Natural stone paving
  • Natural stone roof tiles
  • Re-constructed stone
  • Render
  • EIFS
  • Interior Tiles
  • Wood - Decking etc.
  • Effectively removes staining from plastisol and general grime built up on un-coated and painted, building materials.
  • Suitable for use all types of paving, buildings and other hard surfaces.
  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • Concentrate version

Technical Support:

Monaseal provides a technical advisory service for on-site assistance and advice on product selection, evaluation trials and application equipment.

Product Information:

Product Colour Straw
Dilution Hot pressurised wash - 1:4 with water.
Cold pressuirised wash - 1:1 with water.
Cleaning on paintwork - up to 1:40 with water
Surface Preparation Area to be cleaned should be wetted prior to application.
Application Use through pressure washers
Equipment Care Clean with water immediately after use.
Pack Size 5 & 25 Ltrs drums
Storage Store in dry conditions at temperatures between + 5 & + 35 degree C
Shelf Life 12 months in original sealed container
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