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Mona-Guard WD - Clear

Mona-Guard WD - Clear
Mona-Guard WD - Clear Mona-Guard WD - Clear
Clear Wood Sealer
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Mona-Guard WD - Clear is a unique product based upon hydrophobic and oleophobic chemistry that impregnates the fibres to provide a clear, invisible protection of bare and renovated wood. Mona-Guard WD - Clear is designed to slow the ageing of the wood and makes it impermeable to water, grease and stains. Mona-Guard WD - Clear will reduce the maintainance required within its life cycle, maintaining a cleaner and longer lasting appearance.

For use internally and externally to all bare woods where protection is desired, such as oak, pine, spruce, Douglas fir, pressure-treated wood etc. :

  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Weatherboarding
  • Panelling / shuttering
  • Joinery - kitchen worktops etc
  • Garden furniture
  • All above ground wood substrates
  • Excellent water repellence
  • Excellent resistance to oil penetration.
  • Excellent Stain Resistance
  • Resistant to Dirt and Pollution
  • Resistant to Weathering & delays aging
  • Prevents moss and algea forming
  • Permeable to Water Vapour (breathable)
  • Slows down ageing of wood
  • UV, Chemical & abrasion resistant
  • Reduces maintenance required
  • Invisible finish obtained - Grains maintained
  • Solvent free
  • Envirnomentally friendly
  • up to 10 years product performance

Technical Support:

Monaseal provides a technical advisory service for on-site assistance and advice on product selection, evaluation trials and application equipment.

Product Information:

Colour Range Invisible
Preparation Ensure surface to be treated is clean, not contaminated and dry.
Application 2 coat application by means of Low pressure spray, brush or roller
Coverage 3-6 m2/Ltr depending on substrate type
Curing Time Touch dry 4-6 Hrs
Fully cure 48 Hrs
Equipment Care Clean with water immediately after use.
Pack Size 5 or 25 Ltrs drums, and 1000 Ltrs IBC
Storage Store in dry condictions at temperatures between + 5 & + 35 degree C
Shelf Life 12 months in original sealed container



New wood and in general - the surface must be sound, clean, dry, free from frost, laitance, oil, grease and all dust, loose and friable materials must be completely removed from surfaces before application of Mona-Guard WD - Clear

  • Resinous or greyed wood: clean with suitable revitalizer, rinse thoroughly, clean off all dust and dry the wood.
  • Damaged wood: sand down to bare wood, clean off all dust and dry the wood. It is recommended to hover all residual dust left from sanding process.

NOTE - Mona-Guard WD - Clear cannot prevent the wood from splitting if it is exposed to excessive variations of hygrometry.

Limitations of Use

The treatment may be ineffective in the following cases:

  • On varnished, waxed, heat treated, polished, highly brushed, retified, modified or THT (high-temperature treatment) woods.
  • On damp wood (moisture content > 16%).
  • Where micro-organisms or insects are present (pretreatment necessary).
  • Poor application, preparation and quiality of substrate type
  • On sapwood.
  • Untested application on exotic or resinous wood.
  • On wood that has undergone a fire-resistance treatment.
  • On sharp edges (sharp edges should preferably be rounded to ensure continuity of product and thus avoid breaks in coverage).
  • On floors.
  • Ends, cuts, drill holes, etc. not saturated with product.

Guide Line Coverage Rates

Wood type 5m2/litre applied in 2 coats

*Please note - Monaseal recommend a small trial area to ensure correct application levels are used to obtain the required performance properties subjected to the differing porosity levels of porous building materials.

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