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Mona-Guard Dustproof

Mona-Guard Dustproof
Mona-Guard Dustproof Mona-Guard Dustproof
Concrete Dustproofer / Hardener
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Mona-Guard Dustproof is a water based acrylic sealer, designed to reduce rising dust from cementitious substartes, sealing and protecting floors. Mona-Guard Dustproof provides abrasion resistance and is resistant against water, oil and chemicals etc. Mona-Guard Dustproof is an environmentally friendly, non flammable, non toxic product that is safe for internal applications

For use on floors situated in warehouses, factories, garages, drives etc:

  • Old Concrete floors
  • All types of porous paving
  • Screeds
  • Reduces rising dust from cementitious substrate
  • Water resistance
  • Resistance to oil penetration.
  • Stain Resistance
  • Resistant to Dirt and Pollution
  • Easy clean surface
  • Permeable to Water Vapour (breathable)
  • Maintains freeze thaw charateristics
  • UV, Chemical & abrasion resistant
  • Clear finish obtained
  • Solvent free
  • Envirnomentally friendly

Technical Support

Monaseal provides a technical advisory service for on-site assistance and advice on product selection, evaluation trials and application equipment.

Colour Range Clear
Preparation Ensure surface to be treated is clean, not contaminated and dry.
Application Low pressure spray, brush or roller.
Coverage 3-6 m2/Ltr depending on substrate type
Curing Time Touch dry 2-4 Hrs
Fully cure 24 Hrs
Equipment Care Clean with water immediately after use.
Pack Size 5 or 25 Ltrs drums, and 1000 Ltrs IBC
Storage Store in dry condictions at temperatures between + 5 & + 35 degree C
Shelf Life 12 months in original sealed container



The surface must be sound, clean, dry, free from frost, laitance, oil, grease and all dust, loose and friable materials must be complately removed from surfaces before application of Mona-Guard Extra.

  • Mould, fungi and organic growth present - Mona-Sterile - Sterilising solution
  • General grime on substrate - use Mona-Maintain
  • Oil / greese present - use Mona-sperse - Oil dispersant
  • Heavy staining agents on aged substrates - Use Mona-Bricone Clean - Brick & Stone cleaner
  • Cement, Grout and mortar spillages and staining - Use Mona-Mort Clean - Cement & mortar cleaner.

For use on application for all recommended substrate prepartation materials, please consult the TDS for each material.

Guide Line Coverage Rates

Concrete floor 5m2/litre
Screed 5m2/litre
Porous paving 5m2/litre

*Please note - Monaseal recommend a small trial area to ensure correct application levels are used to obtain the required performance properties subjected to the differing porosity levels of porous building materials.

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