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Stone Sealers & Cleaners

Monaseal specialises in a professional range of stone sealing products and cleaners.

Monaseal’s range of sealers can be used on all types of natural stone, as well as block paving, tarmac drives, and to dustproof concrete. If you wish to waterproof your house then Monaseal has the answers.

Monaseal’s experienced staff will help with technical support in order to give our customers the correct products for cleaning, protecting, and maintaining specific surfaces.

Mona-Clean Mastersolve
General Purpose Cleaner
Mona-Clean Mastersolve is a specially formulated, water soluble degeaser designed to effectively rem..
text_tax £22.15
Mona-Guard Revive
Tarmac Revival Coating
Mona-Guard Revive is a superior product based upon a combination of acrylic, hydrophobic and oleopho..
text_tax £40.75
Mona-Clean Oil Dispersant
Oil Remover & Cleaner
Mona-Clean Paving Cleaner
Paving Cleaner